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Ending the month of June

It's Friday. The weekend is finally here. Once Monday hits it'll already be July. It may seem silly, but I feel like this summer is going by so so fast.

1. This month I came across this delicious coconut water called Coco Cafe. It has a shot of espresso so it really just tastes like an iced coffee. 

Now if you're looking to try this for yourself, I'll save you the trouble in trying to find it, because it took me awhile to track down which store actually carried this. Keep in mind that every state/country is different, but the only place I was able to find these (so far) is at Wal-Mart. You'll see other coconut waters in the health section in which you would think that's where it would be, but it's not. It's in the very back of the store with the wine and alcohol, hidden in between the Monster and Red Bull energy drinks.

2. Turquoise is one of my favorite colors, so I've been trying to find more clothes and jewelry pieces to mix into my daily wear.

3. Bought this little notebook to carry around and help keep track of my floating thoughts, ideas, and to-do's. This came extremely handy with my trip to NY as I was literally jotting down everything I did, ate and visited. (This was also to better assist in with my travel journal I'm currently working on.)

4. For my everyday blush look  I'm still finishing off with the Soft & Gentle blush by MAC.

5. I used those nail polish strips for the first time ever. I received this pretty floral design from a mail package Dasvini kindly put together for me, in which I'll be posting pics of one of these upcoming Mondays.

6. Pistachios have become my current savior when those snack attacks arise.


  1. The bracelet is so pretty! I think the notebook is a great idea. :) The MAC blush and Soft and Gentle I can imagine both look very pretty! :) I can't wait to see your post on the nail polish strips you got because they look very pretty! Nail designs are often really hard to do, so I think nail polish strips are so cool! However, they can be pricy if you use a whole pack for one manicure, but these seem like you can use it for one than one manicure. :)

  2. LOVE turquoise,too! It´s such a beautiful colour!

  3. That bracelet is so lovely. Also, pistachios are delicious! Nice post (:

    Gen |


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