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Good mail days- Incoming from Italy

Gosh. I'm so behind on my mail posts, it's not even funny. I meant to post this, and other packages I've recently received, sooner rather than later, but with my recent trip to NY, everything has been set back and delayed just a bit.

But here it is, some pictures of Fab's parcel I received last month. She made a little booklet of 10 (interesting) random facts about her. I enjoyed reading each and every one of them, and admired the pages with her creative designs throughout it all. Also hidden on the back was a cute little paper notepad wrapped in a pretty doily. (Here's a peek at the mini booklet I made for her a few months back.)

The week before and after my trip I also found a happy mailbox full of letters and packages 
just waiting to be opened. 


  1. I love how each one is so personal and special!

    1. Yeah, they all have their own individual style and taste. It's nice to see that!

  2. I love them so much!

    Would you like to visit/follow each other?<3

  3. Fab is one of the best snail mailers I have ever seen *.* She definitely has a gift for decorating and crafting! <3 I envy her so much. Glad you enjoyed the package she sent you :)



    1. Doesn't she! I admire her work!


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