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Current happenings

In the last two months quite a few things have been happening in my neck of the woods. First off, I went to NY for the first time and had the time of my life. I already miss it there. Second, I was suppose to go visit Korea this month, but my mom and I decided that maybe next year would work out better for us. Third, I've been busy moving and settling into my new place. (Hence the lack of posts other than snail mail) 

I feel like my days are going by too quickly. There's just so much a girl's got to do!

The weather is still a little muggy given it's monsoon season. So the last few weeks I've been eating naeng myun (cold korean noodles) and slurping down boba slush teas.

Just a few other things I've been up to:

- re-enlivening my love for thrift shopping
- buying more statement earrings
- getting my nails painted (with shellac) more often
- experimenting with self tanners
- spending hours on YouTube, and finding great new channels to subscribe to
- doing less postcrossing and more mail/ephemera swaps
- reading articles that I can totally relate to such as this- 31 problems only people with curly hair will understand
- discovered that this makeup look actually has a name- gradient lips (in which I discovered through kdramas)


  1. oh, you´ve done a lot! :)

  2. wows, busy bee! What kind of self tanners have you tried? :)

    1. So far I've tried the new L'Oreal Sublime Bronze, and I'm now trying Banana Boat Sunless Summer Color.

  3. Hahah gradient lips! That made me laugh. :) I too spend hours on Youtube. Guilty.

  4. moving is not a fun process.

  5. I love love the cold noodle soup!!!!!
    Because I can`t cook I looked for a korean restaurant here in germany...there is just one selling them!and this also for a lot of money...I miss the soup!!!

  6. i love the gradient lips look! and neng myun sounds so so good right about now!


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