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Instax snaps

Monsoon season is starting to roll in. This means humid weather and nightly thunder storms. I've been trying to enjoy the sunshine until then.

I wanted to capture these beautiful flowers while they were still in bloom. Their bright colors were just what I needed for my wall and until I get my home garden started. 

I'm so glad I received this Instax 210 for my birthday, thanks to my boo.  It's so handy, convenient and makes for great mail ephemera. I snuck a few of these into my outgoing letters this week.


  1. I've been hankering after an Instax ever since you started posting your shots. I'm planning on picking one up in Japan later this year b/c I heard they have a wider selection ^^

    It's kinda funny how this retro style of capturing the moment is slowly surging back...what was once old fashioned is now "special" ehe

  2. They are soooo addictive. I recently got the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S, loving it. And it comes with strawberry pattern

  3. Beautiful pictures! ♥

  4. Absolutely love Polaroids!! So glad the retro style is now back!! Beautiful flowers!! xoxo

  5. If you want to make lovely instant pics try also polaroid SX70. This camera is great for this. You can find second hand cameras on ebay.

  6. Oh polaroids are sooo fun! You'll be boxing and framing and sending them off 'cuz you'll be having LOTS of them! Heheee

  7. How lovely! They make great additions to mail. :)
    I have the mini, and yes it's an expensive hobby. :(
    But I've got a box full of tangible photos that would have never been printed had they been digital.
    So they're my little treasures.

    Lovely blog!


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