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Outgoing mail

1. Outgoing package 
2. Handmade envie for a washi tape swap I did last week
3. Painting the walls this month, and using the extra color samples for paper crafts
4. Made a handmade postcard for the first time in which I hope it arrives safely

5. Constantly using this pretty peach colored washi tape
6. Put together another mini booklet 
7. Package I put together for an international mail swap
8. Made some washi tape garlands


  1. Love itttttt indeed <3 You're such an artist Michelle, I really envy you and your crafty hands, haha (:

  2. aww everything is too cute - love it all!!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  3. Oh, sooooooo lovely!! :) :)

  4. Really lovely d.i.y !

  5. it's so pretty! love it! i am not so good on those. if anything i tend to stick stickers all over the envelopes. XP

  6. did you make these? :) i like your style and your very talented aaand i have a feeling that youd like pinterest :D


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