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Good mail days- California love

Happy Monday, everybody! Today I'd like to share with you this handmade mail from my newest penpal in California, Love. Within just a few letter exchanges and Instagram chats, I've realized we have much in common in which one of them being our love for wine, red wine at that.

Enclosed in her letter was a page from a wine magazine she had picked up on her travels to the beautiful California vineyards. There were some tea packets tucked away in the back of her booklet as well, in which I look forward to trying. 


  1. Your pen pal is very creative to create that floral design, and the ribbons add a nice touch!

  2. I have some fancy with tea and tea packets, tea boxes (...) Great design!

  3. I got your letter! I'll send a reply when we have our new address in Leeds, and some British Tea ;)


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