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Good mail days- Handmade love from Nevada

I recently received this wonderful mail from another neighboring state, Nevada.

Zet's package was such a pleasure unraveling and as you'll see in all the pictures below, everything had her artistic touch to it.

Handmade goods are my absolute favorite, so I was so happy when I saw all of these wonderful drawings within the package. And I absolutely adored her raw vegan peanut butter cookies recipe, this cloth piece hand dyed from berries, and this handmade bubble wand.
Her whole package was such a treasure and so inspiring. I always enjoy seeing what others come up with through their creative outlet. It's so fun connecting with others through mail, paper, and art exchanges.

Thank you so much for everything, Zet! I'm already working on my next surprise mail for you!


  1. This is so cute! So much effort put into this, Zet did a good job.

  2. love that handmade bubble wand!

  3. wow~! this is a lovely package!! wand and cloth dyed with berries are really lovely!

  4. Very pretty package! :) Love!


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