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Good mail days- Flow magazine

I'm so glad Flow, a Dutch magazine, launched an English version, because this magazine is so inspirational and full of beautiful illustrated pages. If you're a paper lover like myself and enjoy design ideas, then this is a magazine for you.

Within the pages are helpful crafting articles, guest posts, creative DIYs, and so much paper goodness. 

In this particular issue, there were even some great freebies tucked inside, including some sticky note pads and some snail mail envelopes.

I can't wait to get my hands on their 4th edition. For those interested, you can click here for some of their ordering options.


  1. Lovely photos! Looks like a really interesting magazine x

  2. Nice! I've never heard of this magazine, but it looks really interesting, especially if you like DIY stuff.

  3. Oh my gosh! How have I never heard of this magazine? It looks perfect for me! Definitely have to check it out....



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