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The Journal Diaries- Sally's Moleskine sketchbooks

The Journal Diaries is a blog segment where we get a sneak peek into the journals, notebooks, organizers, and diaries from people all over the world. Click here for past posts.

My special guest today is Sally from Russia. She's here to share some of her beautiful pages within her Moleskine collection.

-What inspires you on a daily basis and your creativity within your artwork?
I am inspired by the world around me. All simple and casual things become a subject of my illustrations. I like the rawness of daily situation drawings, that's why I have a lot of sketching diaries.

- How long have you been drawing/sketching for and at what age do you recall starting?
I always loved to draw. At the age of eighteen I attended the Moscow University of Arts & Design. So, I'm a professional illustrator for more than five years.

- What are your favorite stationery tools to use?
The most impressive thing in my Soviet childhood was a markers box, which my father brought from a business trip. It was amazing splash of rainbow colors and brightness, more beautiful than pen and pencils I had before! After many years markers are still my favorite drawing tools.

- Do you have a preferred notebook that you use for all of your art?
Usually I draw in all kind of Moleskine sketchbooks. I like their plain notebooks & passion journals. I'm a real maniac: Travel Journal, Baby Journal, The Book of Recipes and many more- I've got all of them! I call this style "life sketching" and it's my way of living.

- Other than your art journals, what are some of your other hobbies?
Take on trust I'm not bad at Yoga :)


Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful journal collection with us, Sally! And for all you wonderful readers looking to connect, you can follow Sally through her Instagram, @sally_mao, or check out more of her artwork on her Flickr account.


  1. wow! blown away right now - such talent!!!

  2. amazing! I find my journal pretty boring now :/

  3. this is just amazing !! I wish i could draw like that
    thks for sharing

  4. Wow, the drawings are amazing!!! Thanks so much for sharing! :D

  5. Wow, the drawings are so amazing!


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