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DIY Filofax dashboard

Ever since I received my Filofax a few months back I've been spending a lot of time setting up the pages, inserts and layout. During this process, I've also made a few new personalized dashboards.
All I used was:
cardstock paper
an insert pattern to trace
hole punch

Now I'm off to make some label tabs and a mini vision board. Can you guess what I'll be doing tomorrow for New Year's Eve? Yup, that's right...getting all the organizers and diary calenders ready for the new year. So ready for 2015! (Planner nerd much?)


  1. Planner nerd is the best way to be, ha!
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

    1. Thank you, Jessica! Totally agree with you! And Happy New Year to you as well! I appreciate all of your lovely comments. :)

  2. Love it- There's something about travel sticker and symbols that I like! I really wish to have seen your video about your filo fax earlier. I would've used the smash book backgrounds :(
    Jade x


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