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Good mail days- A good end to January

This beautiful, handmade postcard came from Mori in Taiwan. It was a such a warm and thoughtful 'thank you' mail expressing much appreciation for supporting her work. If you've been reading along since last year, you may remember seeing her wonderful drawings here on The Journal Diaries.
More pretty stamps to add to the ever-growing collection.

A nice bundle of pretty ephemera from Jayne in Australia.

These are perfect for what I have in mind for the smashbooks. 

Last but not least, this sweet mail came in from Jessica in Canada, aka @papertraildiary. I enjoyed the little zine she included with some fun facts about herself, and included some nice paper goods as well. 

Thank you, my awesome and creative penpal friends! You know just how to put a smile on this girl's face.

What a great way to end the last week of January!

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