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My Gillio Medium Compagna Planner

Look at this beauty right here. The time has finally come where we meet face to face at last!

For the past year now I've been eyeballing the Gillio planners and admiring them through the screen as other planner users would continue to rave on and on about how much they love theirs.

Now that I have one of my own, I can see why all the hype.

The feel of this ring binder is like none other I've come across.

The leather is just beautiful! As soon as I opened the box, I was hit with that rich leather smell right away.

And this color. Absolutely love it!

This particular Gillio Medium Compagna is in the orange color, but not that bright crayon orange. It's more of a warm pumpkin, or basketball, tone.

The feel of the leather is just so smooth, so soft, so cushy. I feel like with this planner could get stuffed to the max, and the leather would just hug onto the bulk, whereas the Filofax I'm using right now is pretty stiff and hard.
Another feature that sold my on this planner was all of the little pockets, especially the big back one that the Gillio Compagna model is known for.

The inside of this pocket is really wide and could probably hold a good amount of paper documents, receipts, money, etc.
And we can't forget about the leather flyleaf. Not 100% sure if I'll be keeping this in here to use, but it's still nice to look at!

Feel free to click on the video below to see more on this new planner love of mine:

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