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Good Mail Days- Summer Love

A few snap shots of lovely and thoughtful incoming mail I received during the summer. This beautiful box of handmade art came from my dear, Prem. She always puts so much love and detail in her work, it's amazing.

Sweet and happy "hellos" always make my day!

Speaking of mail, I'm actually working on a little "exchange project" that will be open to anyone interested. More details on that soon to come, so for now, sit tight. 

Check out this adorable envelope Gert created. So cute, right!

Wishing you a Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. I am always so glad that you love what I send you all the time. It's such a pleasure when someone appreciates the art and love I put in every work I do. Thanks so much M for being one of the sweetest mail pals. :)

    And I do love Gert's mail art too.

  2. This is precious, and I love that envelope!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  3. Exchange project! I'm intrigued and excited to find out more!

  4. What a lovely envelope!

  5. So honored that my envelope made it into the blog!!!! Thank you so much for the thank you card with the washi and stickers - you are amazing!

  6. I love how clear and bright your pictures look, tutorial please!


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