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The Journal Diaries- Ellina's Commonplace Notebook

The Journal Diaries is a blog segment where we get a sneak peek into the journals, notebooks, organizers, and diaries from people all over the world. My special guest today is Ellina from Russia.

If some of you remember, Ellina was one of my first featured guests here on The Journal Diaries. Since then, she has enjoyed other creative ways of journaling, including this new notebook of hers, in which she has been so kind to share more details on.

- Well, hello Ellina! Such a pleasure to have you here on The Journal Diaries again. Now, it's been a little over a year since we last had a look at your favorite notebooks at that time. Since then I noticed on Instagram that you've been using a new journal over these past few months. Care to share what this new notebook of yours is?
The notebook I have is Seven Seas Standard from Nanami Paper that I got from the website. This notebook is stitch bound and perfectly chunky which I love. But the best part of it is paper, of course. Tomoe River is amazing for using with fountain pens and it brings out sheen and shading of the ink wonderfully. It's also quite good with watercolors which is all I need for my small paintings.

- What caught your eye about this particular notebook?
I've heard high praise of Tomoe River paper and I wanted to try it for a long time. Super thin fountain pen friendly paper sounded like an oxymoron at the time. Also, it's been a dream of mine for some time to have an "everything" notebook that I would use for writing, drawing, planning, journaling, sketching, scribbling, anything that comes to mind. So I got myself a notebook with 480 pages of Tomoe River paper exactly for that purpose. I call it my commonplace book but it's so much more.

- That cover that you have on it, did it come along with it, or is it separate?
I have several covers that I use with my notebook. It doesn't come with any cover so I like to put my own cover on to protect the notebook and to keep some extra items. The one I currently use is a Spalding&Bros leather cover that I got in Italy. The other one that I have is a Filofax Flex A5 cover which has lots of pockets.

- What do you write about within the Seven Seas notebook? Daily events, personal thoughts, poems? A little bit of everything?
As I said, my intention was to use it as an "everything" notebook, so that's what I'm trying to do. I mostly write about interesting things that I learn or discover and things that happen in my life. My notebook is somewhere between a commonplace book and an illustrated journal these days. A big part of it is taken by quotes from people, books, articles, videos, etc. I tend to record things that I might want to reference later and things that remind me of good and bad moments of my life.

- What types of pen do you enjoy using with it?
I use fountain pens on a daily basis but I also like some felt tip and gel pens. The broader the nib the more show-through you'll have, but I actually enjoy seeing the ink on the other side of the page.

- Has it replaced your Midori Traveler's Notebook?
For now, I'm using my Seven Seas as my primary notebook, but I miss the Midori. My plan is to go back to it once I've finished my current notebook. My perfect setup would be using the same notebook but in my Midori cover.


Ellina, thank you so much for taking the time to share your commonplace notebook with us! It's simply wonderful.

For all you wonderful readers looking to connect and to continue being inspired by Ellina's journalings, you can find more of her journaling here:
INSTAGRAM: @ellbrt

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  1. I dream of the simplicity of having one notebook (and a million fountain pens with a rainbow of inks) to choose from. In the meantime I have about 15 various books going and a couple of fountain pens.

  2. It look amazing! ♥

  3. Wow, thank you for this inspiration! I've been looking for journal tips and ideas for months. I'm so glad I've stumbled across your blog. x

    Jess -

  4. I love the pencil case. Any idea where it can be purchased?

    1. It's a Longchamp makeup pouch, Angela. However, i'm not sure they still make the exact same one. But other models can be purchased through their website or big stores like Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales (in the US).

  5. Note to Elina. Thank you for sharing your journal. I find it both beautiful and inspiring!

  6. LOVE LOVE Elina's instagram page. So wonderful to read more in detail of how she journals!

  7. I love to write in my journal with my lamy vista fountain pen, but I hate it because it's a medium nib and it's a very thick line I hate my penmanship with thick lines, but now I see some amazing handwriting with a thicker line and I'm getting jealous ��

  8. Quite amazing, truly wonderful.

  9. but I have looked every where and cannot find this journal you all know where it can be purchased?

    1. Here.

  10. So gorgeous! Loved seeing the way the watercolors factored in-- makes me want to try and do that in my journal!

  11. Very beautiful journal. I love the sea of words neatly "boxed" in the first photo. Thanks for sharing! What a fun and inspiring series. If you ever did one on "messiest" journals, I'm a shoe in. lol. Otherwise I'll enjoy the beauty you are sharing here!

  12. does anyone know where I could buy this journal in the UK please? Can't seem to get it anywhere ...

    1. Hi Steve-- I just looked on - as of 10/13/2018, they say they ship to the UK. I am not affiliated with nanami paper. I just love stationery products! Take care!!

  13. Where do you find such pretty fountain pens

    1. has really delightful fountain pens and ink in all price ranges! They are fabulous on customer service, as well!

  14. Hi!
    Thanks for the awesome inspiration. I love that pencil case.... where did you get it?.... if you don't mind saying. Thank!

  15. The pen name on the top is dollar pens. Its have very smooth nip.
    Cat Mario
    Toss The Turtle
    Cat Ninja

  16. Beautiful journal page layouts. Very interesting sketches too. Inspiring, thanks for sharing it.

  17. This was not just great in fact this was really perfect your talent in writing was great. psd to wordpress

  18. Thank you so much for this lovely article! I am in love with my B6 size Cafe Notes from Nanami Paper! The Tamoe River paper is just delicious with my fountain pens!

    I also use mine as an everyday journal, to watercolor small pictures inside, a multimedia journal, really whatever strikes my fancy! I was keeping mine in a separate chic sparrow leather cover. I found myself feeling lost if I didn't have it with me when I left the house. I combined it together with my monthly, weekly, and daily planning calendars. I am much happier! Everything is all in one chic sparrow leather travelers notebook and fits very nicely in my purse whenever I go out. It's so nice knowing I have it with me and can play if I have a few extra moments. Yes, my purse is much heavier-- hahaha!! But, I am so much happier! It is really worth it! And I find I am able to squeeze in extra minutes here and there to write a prayer or a thought where otherwise I know the thought would escape my memory before I had a chance to get home and write it! Very happy!!

    I really like the way you have your words blocked out into different areas, like a newspaper! I'm going to try that in my B6 Cafe Notes! Thank you again for sharing!!


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