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What's In My Bag- Everyday Carry

Have you ever had a handbag that you just loved so much that you use it for everything, and wear it with just about anything?

The Fossil Sydney Satchel is that bag for me.

Even after a year later from receiving it, I still use it as my everyday bag. When I went on my summer vacation, this baby was right by my side. When I went to my friend's wedding, I wore this bag. When I visited San Fran, this was my traveling tote. 

So, what exactly is just so special about this bag, you ask?

This satchel is like a Mary Poppins bag. It carries and holds everything! Besides the fact that the zipper opens on both sides, thus expanding the handbag to the max, it can easily fit an A5 planner. Say what! For all my planner friends, I'm sure you can understand the struggle on finding that perfect bag that can fit all the everyday necessaries, along with the trusty daily planner. It's not that easy. So this makes me love and appreciate the Sydney Satchel that much more.

Below is a video showing more of my everyday carries, and just how much I can fit in this little thing:


  1. I have a Fossil Maddox....that I only carry in sunny weather. ;)

    I carry a faux leather reversible tote I got at Walmart for $10....and the more expensive and bigger $40 American Eagle version. It's HUGE but good for Substitute teacher days when I need to carry my Kindle Fire and extra stuff.

  2. I have grown very attached to my navy blue Fossil Sydney Shopping Tote as a "daily driver". :-) Elegant and practical.


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