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Breakfast On The Go

Mornings are my favorite part of the day. I just love waking up to the feeling of a brand new start, another new beginning, and of course, a delicious breakfast! No matter how late I may be running (which is rare), or if time it limited, I always make sure to fuel and nourish my body first with a healthy breakfast.

Five other important things I look forward to in the mornings:
- my fresh cup of coffee or hot tea
- my gratitude book
- stretching/yoga/exercising
- listening to my audio books 
- journaling and daily planning

How do you like to start your day?


  1. Thanks for this nice post :-) I am never tired of the joy of the morning. Every single morning, I wake up full of gratitude for the new brand day and for my life. I start my day with a glass of apple cider vinegar, honey and warm water. Then i prepare my breakfast (mashed banana with grounded flaxseeds and sesame seeds, wallnuts, fresh fruits. And my teapot full of hot black Yunnan tea. I really take my time to enjoy the beginning of the day with reading and sipping my tea. This morning time fuels my body and mind with gratitude, fresh ideas, inner joy. Sometimes I also take an avocado toast like you, so delicious! Have a bright day! :-)

    1. Hello, Sylvie! Thank you for sharing your morning routine! Wow, sounds so lovely. I've got to try that breakfast of yours (mashed bananas with flaxseeds, nuts and fruit. Yum!) For some reason, I never thought to try the apple cider vinegar with warm water, either. I've always used cold or room temp water before. This is all so wonderful!


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