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My Top Favorite Teas

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that there are three main things I post on there- daily journalings, yummy breakfasts, and morning tea/coffee time.

My morning routine is very important to me, and during that quiet, peaceful time, I enjoy every minute of it. Part of my routine is thinking and planning out my day, followed along with eating a tasty and healthy breakfast while sipping on a nice cup of coffee (usually maxim instant coffee) or tea.

I get asked regularly what my favorite teas are, or which ones would I recommend for those that are looking to get into tea, so I made a video featuring all of my favorite ones, including my #1 green tea flavor that started my love for green tea 3 years ago. But if you don't have time to watch the video in full, here are the everyday teas I rotate:

- Yogi Peach Deotox
- Numi Jasmine Green
- Yerba Mate Greener Grean Tea
- Buddha Sencha Green Tea
- Mighty Leaf Green Tea Passion

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