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Crafty Links

Happy Friday, friends! Hope you've been well. I know things around here have been a little quiet, but I hope to soon get more blog posts up and going. The last few weeks have been busy with working on finalizing zine #2, along with downsizing and minimizing personal belongings due to an upcoming move this summer. I want to thank you, though, for always stopping by and reading this little corner space of Seaweed Kisses. I appreciate you, always.

Okay. Let's get down to these wonderful crafty links, shall we!

- Oh, how I wish I could just draw from my imagination like this.

- These beautiful art journal pages that make me want to get out my paint set.

- Keeping those extra paper bits and ephemera come in handy, ya know, especially when using them within your journal. They can turn out looking this and this. *major swoon* And how cute is this mini album flip through.

- Sketches of Abbey's Southeast Asia trip.

- This beautiful etsy shop by Anca Gray. Just look at those abstract and collage paintings.

- Where was this leather notebook cover when I needed it?

- Tiffy's blog always inspires me. Her creative talent and eye for photography always gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. She's that type of friend I wish I had growing up as we enjoy so many of the same things- anime, art journaling, creating, using a planner, snapping pics of everyday life, and of course, eating nom noms.

- Three Simple Illustrations Tutorials: Feathers

- Liz's sketching tools and sketchbooks

- This makes me want to start my own Remains of the Day Journal.


  1. Thank you for sharing those links!!!!


  2. Hi! I love your blog so much and I have to check out this sunny little corner every now and then. Love the links, as always!

  3. I read your post when you published it, but just now i could comment. Thank you so much for the mention, i really appreciate your words <3. Btw, the links are wonderful. I have found a lot of inspiration in them hehe.

    I hope you have a nice week,

    Greetings ! :-D

  4. Hi Michelle, thank you so much for including links to my site... off to look around yours now!

  5. Really wonderful. Very much useful post. I really loved it :) Hats off for this wonderful idea. Thank you so much for sharing with us :)

  6. The article you have shared here very awesome. I really like and appreciated your work. Thanks


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