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The Kate Spade 17-Month Agenda (Read My Lips Edition)

I originally purchased this 2017 Kate Spade Planner yesterday as a birthday gift for a dear co-worker of mine. Since the recording of this video, though, I zipped on back to the bookstore and repurchased another one for myself! This agenda is just too chic and beautiful for me to pass up.

I came to love this Kate Spade Planner (the medium size) due to these following features:
- portable size
- great paper quality (for most ballpoint and rollerball pens)
- clean and minimal monthly/weekly design
- beautiful illustrations for each monthly divider
- elastic closure (a huge plus!)
- 2 pages for notes at the end of each month (which I forgot to show in the video)

This particular Kate Spade planner edition is called "Read My Lips," and the illustrations for each month is just so chic. Loved flipping through this and admiring them all.

The monthly and weekly layout design is nice and minimal, just the way I like it. The tabs on the side add a nice pop of color.

Here's a video of this Kate Spade 17-month Agenda showing more details, if you're interested in the details.


  1. Such beautiful illustrations in this planner! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Have you seen the new Kate Spade
    Binder? Its a pebbled bi-fold planner that instead of zipping or closing with a clasp, has a third flap that closes it when folded in thirds. It has an exterior zipped pocket, where you can keep a phone, a small wallet--keys......
    It comes with the same 2016-2017 calendar, as you have here.
    And, no-I don't work for Kate Spade!
    The negative is the price-$228. But it might be worth it. I haven't convinced myself to buy it yet!
    Great blog!


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