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My New Filofax Compact Saffiano Planner

I must have been living under a rock because I just barely discovered that Filofax makes a "compact" ring size organizer. All these years and I had no clue...

It may be because the personal and pocket size planners are more common and popular with users, but I find the compact size very light and convenient to carry around. Sure, the ring sizes are a bit smaller, but this ensures that I'm only carrying around pages I need for the current and following month.

I shared an unboxing video of my new Filofax Saffiano Compact here, and I'm still enjoying it as my on-the-go personal organizer.

It was a tie between the classic black or beautiful raspberry, but in the end you can see which color won this round.

Not more than 2 days passed and I decided to add on some DIY stick-on pockets. (More details shared in this video.) I was just dying to get her all set up!

Over the next few weeks I'll try to share some more snippets of the Filofax Compact Saffiano.

In the meantime, off to decluttering the craft room. I got a big move ahead!

Oh, and a huge thanks and hugs to my two lovely readers for treating me to some much needed coffee this month! Sending my love and gratitude to you, Chloe and Barron!

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