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My New Gillio Appunto A6

This girl here treated herself to a new Gillio Appunto A6 Leather Cover.

Mmmm, isn't she a beauty? My chocolate peanut butter delight. Rich dark brown on the outside, sweet soft yellow in the inside.
Although the Gillio brand lists the inside color as a "yellow," it's actually more of a pumpkin/burnt orange tone, in my opinion. Nonetheless, it's still beautiful. I mean, look at that stitching. Loving the color contrast.

The Gillio Appunto A6  has other features that make this leather cover so unique:

- 5 card slots
- 3 vertical pockets
- 2 bookmark ribbons
- a secretarial pocket
- a zip pocket
- a pen loop
- snap/popper closure

More product details, including other sizes and colors, can be found on the Gillio website here.

Also, for you Hobonichi notebook users, this cover fits perfectly with it. (Here's a video I did showing notebook comparisons with it.)

Right now, I'm using an A6 Stalogy notebook with this Gillio Appunto. More details on that notebook here.

The Stalogy Notebook is my current catch-all book. A place where I freely jot down random ideas, thoughts, quotes, project layouts, etc. It's also been used as a little memory keeper. I even designed a calendar layout to document highlights throughout the month.

This notebook wouldn't be complete without side tabs. So I stuck on these Pan Am Traveler's Notebook sticker tabs to the separate the upcoming months.

I've only had this Gillio cover for a week, but it's been with me every single day. The Gillio/Stalogy notebook combination is still light enough where it fits comfortable within my bag without it adding much weight. (Speaking of bag, I found a great Fossil Sydney Satchel dupe at Target. Couldn't pass it up!)

When I shared my Gillio Appunto unboxing video, I received quite a few messages regarding this pen I featured. It's an OHTO Liberty ceramic rollerball pen. Another something-something I treated myself to this week. I'd have to say, between my newest Lamy Safari fountain pen and this OHTO pen, they both write very smooth and just glide across the page.

To me, the OHTO pen is a little more eye-catching with the nice gold trim and thick cigar-like body feature. I can't wait to start showing it off at work!

Before I sign off, I'd like to thank those that took the time to say hello and welcome me to my new home here in California! Your warm wishes and thoughts mean a lot to me. Thank you! As I continue to discover new and interesting stationery finds, I'll try my best to update you here on the blog, but note that it's usually easier for me to post quicker through Instagram and Youtube. So, if you're active on either platform, feel free to say hi!

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  1. Love the look of the Gillio and thanks for your unboxing vid! I've got the Appunto slim on my wishlist for my Hobonichi Weeks for EDC.

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  4. I will add this cover to my wishlist. It's so beautiful.
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