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How To Keep An Everyday Journal

How to start an new everyday journal?

1. Find your ideal notebook.

2. Break it in.

3. Customize it. Make it your own.

4. Write in it. Conquer those blank pages.

5. Carry it with you, or atleast turn to it everyday. You'd be surprised what memories & thoughts can be captured throughout the week.

What to write, you ask? Write about your day. Write down your grocery list. Write little notes-to-self. Write a gratitude list. Write for you.

No need to be pretty with the pages. Just go with the flow.

Give it a try.

Watch my recent video here on how I started my everyday journaling journey. It's such a fun process!

Also! Take a peek into my friends' journals through The Journal Diaries. You'll find them oh-so inspiring!

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  1. Thank you for sharing the idea. Today open my journal I have just realized that I forgot to write the whole last week :p
    baby names

  2. Hello Michelle,

    Writing is a complicated process for me. It takes much energy and much efforts. As I grew older, I started noticing weird feelings, when I start writing a character sketch or just some thoughts in a notebook (I have more than 10 of them already). Can't keep up with the pace of digital writing and type my thoughts on the laptop (it's just lying aside, when I write in the notebook). Thanks for an inspirational read. Will add your blog to my bookmarks.

    John Hite
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