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Korea Travels: I had the best chicken dinner! (in Jeju)

 I had the best chicken dinner yet! We went to this little restaurant that is known for their organic and self-raised chicken far deep into the misty Jeju Island.....
We walk in, sit down and food is served to us almost immediately. That's one thing I love about Korean restaurants- you don't have to wait long until something is served to eat.
A large chicken was ordered which fed the 5 of us comfortably. A soup, rice and lots of panchans were brought out to get us started.

After slurping down some delicious cold radish soup the raw chicken was then served. An ajima placed a homemade chicken broth onto the middle of the table which was nicely garnished and covered with mixed vegetables.

Once we waited for the broth to come to a light boil we started dipping and cooking the raw chicken pieces directly into it.

This had to be the tenderest chicken that I have ever tried. The flavor was D-licious!

  Once the chicken pieces were almost gone the leftover broth was then used to cook a chicken flavored ramyun packet.

Another meal is made....ta-dah.

There was so much food on the table, on my plate, and in my mouth. I thought  my stomach was going to explode. Nobody had warned me ahead of time that this was going to be a 3-course meal... seemingly fit for a king!

Just when I thought we were almost finished for the night, yet another soup was brought out. This one was hot and spicy with a similar taste of kimchi chigae.

So much chicken......
 Once the ramyun soup was gone the ajima then cooked and brought out whatever was left of our yummy whole chicken. The extra pieces were then added into the final meal, a rice porridge, which ended and completed my food coma.

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  1. omg looks delish!!!!! whats the restaurants name?


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