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Korea Travels: Relaxing at Lotte Hotel Jeju

They have a Hello Kitty cute is that?! We all know how high maintenance and pricey she can be so I didn't even bother to ask how much an accommodation like that was per night.

Drinking some juice and coffee down at the cafe/lounge area. 

Their sweets in the bakery looked so mouth watering. Korea always has cute little desserts in all the cafe/coffee shops I know. 

 This was their lounge area where we sat, looked out the window and enjoyed our drinks. As you can see it was a pretty quiet day.

 Within the hotel is a duty free gift shop. I went crazy on the cosmetic overload. These cute little animal lotions- I couldn't decide on which one so I bought all four. (Even though I already had some back home from last time!)

And here where some perfume sticks that you rub on the wrist area. They kind of remind me of glue sticks. These didn't smell the greatest so I passed.

The weather was perfect with just a slight breeze to cool of the summer heat. I dressed casual so I felt relaxed and comfortable most of the day. Sometimes when you're always on the go and busy trying to catch up, it's nice to sit down, catch your breath and relax.

With so much to see at every corner walking has become more adventuresome. Every day brings something new and with different people which turns into good times.There's always so much to see and do here that I'm making it a mission to do it all. Friends and I were thinking about going the backpacking route. I've never done it before but I've been giving it some serious thought lately. We plan on stepping on new grounds next summer and seeing other parts of Korea besides my norm of Seoul and Jeju. It should be interesting.

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