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11 reasons why I love winter

I'm not going to lie. This isn't exactly my favorite time of the year as the holiday season tends to stress me out. Traffic is stop and go, checkout lines are horrendously long, clutter spreads and takes over the stores, and the weather gets freezing cold. These are enough reasons to quickly turn me into a scrooge. 

But the things that I DO love about this time of year outweigh the cons. Winter certainly brings back so many childhood memories and gives me that warm tingly feeling inside. (Now when I say "winter," I'm referring to Arizona's average high of 60 degree sunny weather, not negative zero blistering storms.)

I always look forward to:

1.) Sipping on hot chocolate. The ones with the teeny tiny marshmallows are my favorite. 

2.) Layering up in my clothes, and sometimes even wearing the same jacket over-n-over again. I can get lazy when it comes to picking out an outfit. It's excusable around this time of year, and  makes for a  great way in hiding my little muffin top. ;)

3.) Wearing those cute boots that have been collecting dust the last 8 months. Oh, and the scarves.

4.) Seeing the mountains covered in snow. This makes for a great scenery, especially being that I live in the desert and we hardly see any white blankets of fluffiness.

5.) Lighting up all the candles in my house. And by this, I mean all, even if they are 5 different scents.

6.) Eating warm and hearty soups.

7.) Bundling up on the couch and reading my favorite books, or blogs.

8.) Holiday parties and more family get-togethers.

9.) Secret Santa and White Elephant gift exchanges amongst close friends and coworkers. I love these for some reason. Maybe it's the "surprise" of it that appeals to me.

10.) Saving gas and electricity by cutting out any a/c usage. 

11.) Taking a really hot shower on a really cold morning. This is the best.


  1. 1 and 2 and 4 and 7 and 11, indeed. I share the same passion for the winter, The Remembrall ,xo.

  2. Taking a really hot shower on a really cold morning <3

    I follow you back!:)
    your blog is so amzing!!!(:

  3. we like the same things! i hate crowds and congestions. online shopping is my best friend. hahaha

  4. I agree with everything you said, especially drinking hot chocolate and taking long, hot showers in the morning! Best way to start your day^^
    Btw thanks for visiting my blog hun, I started following you:)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. It's soooo cold over here in the uk, beautiful picture! Enjoy Christmas :)


  6. I do love the beauty of freshly fallen snow over trees and such, but as long as I'm inside with a toasty cup of hot chocolate!


  7. Oh Christmas!
    I've always wanted to experience a cold, snowy winter! Here in Australia, it's just HOT. -.-
    I want to make snowmen and have snowball fights, and wear those tacky christmas themed sweaters! >w<

  8. Great post!
    Would you like to follow each other? (: Come follow me and I’ll follow back for sure !

  9. Sometimes I find myself wishing away the winter beacuse I love the spring and summer so much, but there definitely are some great things about it!!

  10. this is a nice post! I am not a huge winter person but listing what you do love about the winter does make it awesome. :)

    btw, followed you back :D

  11. Nice read! Following you, hun xoxo

  12. I love winter too! The drinking hot chocolate and cider is my favorite. Plus all the holiday get togethers with friends and family. :)

    xo - Sheila

  13. no winter in my country so I think I've only experience the Secret santa and gift exchange :D
    I love your list, just by visualizing how they'd feels like make me excited to feel the freezing weather of winter! :))

  14. Nice post! I also like winter, but I like summmer better ;D. Thanks for your lovely comment! Love, Kiek.

  15. I totally agree. Cold weather is perfect for layering!! Hearty soups are the best too!

    Joyce @

  16. haha- that's nice you love winter- because I am not a winter person, and someone has to like it! I am your NEWEST follower GFC!

    I hope you can come by my blog and enter my INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY! I just posted it today, and it's super cute with Hello Kitty, jewelry, inspiration and art! :D I look forward to your visit! and Let me know what you think!

    Merry Christmas!


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