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"Baby, it's cold outside"

Although the weather may appear warm and sunny outside, it finally hit down to the low 60's. Just in case it didn't feel like it, my heater decided today was a good day to test my patience by quitting on me. Nice.

It's about that time of year, though, where I start ticket hunting for the best airline prices. Normally I use Tripadvisor, but lately I haven't  been coming across any great deals.

 Korea is just around the corner (again.) I can't wait.


  1. i love how you are always travelling!
    mountain sceneries are the best

  2. I want to go to Korea!!! My mom goes there once a year. I'll make sure I'll be with her the next time :) Following you now! Hope you can follow me back :)

  3. Yayyyy when are you going to Korea? :)) I'm hunting for plane tickets at the moment too!!

  4. Hi! Thanks for your sweet comment, I'm glad you liked the video :D Your pictures look beautiful, makes me want to go on a trip too!


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