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Crystal hair clips from Korea

I'm such, such, such a sucker for cute packing and "things." So you know I just had to buy this cute bunny makeup bag I came across while in Seoul. 

One of my missions while I was there was to find those cute hairpins that are always popping up in kdramas. They're so blingy and eye-catching. I wanted one!

So over the course of my 1 month trip there I was determined to find some. The only thing is, I bought more than just one- it was more like 10 (including those bows)!

Funny story- once I got back from Korea, I didn't even wear them anymore. They're in safe keeping with the bunny bag tucked away in my drawer. I guess I'm too scared to get them dirty or god forbid that any of the stones fall out!

One day they'll see the light again. 


  1. I love the little bag and the clips! They look really cute :D

    Great post!


  2. oww, i love itttt!
    so cute,

  3. They look sooooo cute! I love the bag *w*

  4. That bag is just too cute! And I love the clips too ^^


  5. i am also a sucker for cute things. when i was in korea, I bought a lot of the really cute earrings since they were only a $1.

  6. I've never really been an "hair accessory" kind of person, but I would totally wear the one in your bottom picture! The colors of it are amazing. Also that bag.. I need it :D

  7. ooh they look awsesome! they look so good in your hair!

  8. awww! That bunny bag is so cute!! The hair clips are well chic too!

  9. these are too pretty - you need to start wearing these! when i was a kid and my mom's friends would go to korea, they'd always bring back the best hair clips and bows - always loved getting them!

  10. Awww..the bag is too cute!!!! And doesn't Korea have the best cute accessories? I loved all those little shops that sold earrings and things for 1,000 Won :-)

  11. the clips are so prettyyyy, who can resist the blindness! and omgosh the bag is the cutest!

  12. the clips are so prettyyyy, who can resist the blindness! and omgosh the bag is the cutest!

  13. soo cute! I am in love with that super cute makeup bag. Seoul is a place I've always wanted to visit.

  14. Hi Michelle! Thanks for your visit and comment to my blog, love yours! so colorful!
    <3 have a nice week!

  15. These are so cute! Especially that packaging.


  16. I love those hair clips! In Germany it is nearly impossible to find really cute accessories T^T Your bunny bag is super cute <3

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