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Green Day in Phoenix

Last weekend my friends surprised me with tickets to the Phoenix Open. The weather was nice, got corporate village access, and enjoyed free drinks and food. It was a great way to spend our time up in Scottsdale.


  1. It's so weird to see pictures of places with completely different weather from where you are. NYC has so much snow right now, the summer sun looks so foreign to me haha

  2. I haven't been to Phoenix before. Looks like a nice place to visit. I take it the weather there is quite similar to Cali weather. Although it looks a bit warmer there. It's been freezing here lately.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I will stop by hear more often. Enjoyed your post. Take care. :)

  3. cool! i love going to arizona:)

  4. wow, you seem to have a warm nice weather,,

  5. I wish I was there! The weather looks so nice! :D

    Great post!


  6. Sun! Haha. In my town is really cold and snowy :(


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