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Inspiration Tuesday- Workspaces

Photo credits 1,2,3,4

I really need to start organizing my desk area. It's getting a little out of control. In the mean time, I'll continue to gain inspiration by peeking into the workspaces of others.


  1. The first picture is so ideal. Lots of space and also lots of space to make it seem personal. Especially with the pictures. I wish I could have an area like that! For now I use the dining table as workspace :'(

  2. I love these spaces. It's so important for me to have a inspirational work space as well!

  3. gorgeous workspaces. mine is so blah and boring. i really want to put up a big inspiration board to add some color and fun to the space.
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  4. Yeah I want one of these too. I will only have it when I have my house (still living with parents suck!).


  5. I had a desk when I lived with my parents but it was slanted and didn't really work too well for me (things kept rolling off :P). I'd love to have a inspiring workspace like these soon! I'm currently using my dresser and it isn't ideal at all.

  6. Omg! These toothbrush holders are so adorable!

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  7. Oh I LOVE these so much, the first two especially! I need workspaces like these in my life
    Saadiya x

  8. These are really amazing workspaces *_*
    I'd like to see yours as well


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