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Good mail days

For those that have been reading my blog for quite some time now may have noticed a newly added "segment" around here called Good Mail Days. Most of you already know just how obsessed I am over cute stationery (especially from Korea), and how I love to collect daily planners, but I never really spoke upon my snail mailing hobby.

You see, this snail mailing thing originally started out to be just between close friends and family. However, it wasn't until just recently (right after my Valentine's Day card post) that I received some requests from a few readers to exchange mail, letters, crafts, and such. One thing led to another, and the next thing I know I'm now stumbling across the snail mail community on Instagram. (To find it, just look up any hashtag with "penpals, snailmail, postage," etc.)

So here I am. Exchanging handwritten letters, getting creative with paper, and meeting great new people from all over the world.

So without further ado, here is a nice parcel I received just a few weeks ago from Gladys in Singapore.

Gladys is one of my newest pen pals I made just within these past few months. Her and I have quite a few things in common such as our favorite foods, career goals, and personal interests. 

She's so very crafty. Just look at those cute handmade goods she sent. The mini passport she made also contained little "about me" info that I enjoyed reading.

I gained such great inspiration from this, and worked on a mini booklet for her in return. Below are the two that I sent out yesterday, which one of them being for my other pen pal, Fab.
I had such a fun time making these, too. I'll  try to do a post revealing the inside once they've been received by the girls.

There's so much more cute mail that I want to share from this month as well, so I'll try to upload them next week for all to see, especially for those who are not on Instagram. For those that are on there, though, feel free to join me where I post all my wonderful mail goods that I receive throughout the week, or just stick around every Monday where I'll be posting them here on the blog.


  1. These are adorable and beautiful! A snail mail community ^_^

  2. the parcel is awesome but definately the mini booklet its super cute!

  3. this is so so fun. love seeing how creative people can be. and always so fun to receive mail!
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  4. This is such a good idea! So cute! I love snail mail, so much fun!


  5. Oh, that snail mail is so lovely! Glad you also discovered the wonderful snail mail community :)

  6. Thats a gorgeous package and it makes it all worth while when you recieve great mail.

  7. Wow Gladys put together a really lovely package! I love the tiny baggies of supplies :) However, I obviously am more than excited to receive the beautiful booklet you made! Hope it will be here soon! xx Fab

  8. Wow, hi Michelle! Thank you for featuring me on your blog! And I'm glad you like the handmade crafts!
    Gladys Xo

  9. I love receiving mail! This looks like so much fun, everything is so great, you are both very talented and crafty.


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