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My new {second} galaxy phone case

Whenever I get something new, it actually takes me a while to start using it as I like to keep that "new" feeling there as long as possible. This applies to pretty much everything- clothes, shoes, purses, stationery, when I got my dslr. The only exception is probably with makeup, and that's only because most of them have expiration dates.

So I've had this phone case for months now and today is the first time I'm actually taking it out of the box and using it. Oh, geez. I literally waited until my other case fell apart in order to start using this pretty new one.

I liked my other case design so much that I wanted to reorder it again, but the seller didn't have it available, and while other sellers had that other design they didn't have it for my specific phone model, the Note 2. I found this one, though, on Amazon, and I like it so it's all good. The charm on it was what sold me, really. I couldn't find anything like that here at the malls or phone stores.

If you're looking for something with a similar design for your phone, you can come across a few by typing in keywords such as" girly samsung phone case," or "cute korean phone cases." That's how I stumbled across mine both times. Here's a seller that carries similar designs, but for the S3. 

And honestly, ever since I started using this type of  phone case with the credit card slots, I hardly ever reach for my wallet. I use the first slot for my ID and credit cards and the second for any rolled up dollar bills. It's so handy and convenient on those days that I just need to make a quick run to the store.


  1. That case is so cute!! I wish I could find something like this for my phone (Samsung Victory); having the credit cards slots would be super useful.

  2. I can totally relate to this post haha. I love your phone case :)

  3. Wow, what a cute case! I totally love this style! *-*


  4. Omg i absolutely love your blog xo


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