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The Journal Diaries- Franka's journals

The Journal Diaries is a blog segment where we get a sneak peek into the journals, notebooks, organizers, and diaries from people all over the world. Click here for past posts.

My special guest today is Franka from the Netherlands. This is the first time she's shared pages within her journals, "like ever," as she had put it, so I'd like to really thank her for taking the leap and showing them all to us. Let's take a look!

Michelle asked me to do a guest blog and I was wondering what to post. I make lots of creative mail, just because I'm a huge paper and mail lover, but then I thought I'd share my journals, since Michelle is a keen journaller. I don't call them art journals, or scrapbooks or whatever, just journals. I don't use them as a diary though, I don't write how my day has been. But I draw, stick pictures, coupons, tickets or postcards in them, just stuff I'm collecting from daily life. I think in images, so it's the images that stick by me. And that's how I got to journalling. Just to remember special moments. From birthdays for instance, I always keep a piece of wrapping paper which I glue in, or folders from museums which I cut out. And I just journal in them as tickles my fancy. And they turn out to be a good memory. My kids love looking back at the holiday ones. And funny enough, we remember everything about our holidays, the feel of the weather, the colours, just by looking back at the journals even though there aren't any photographs inside them. It's my Project Life before that was even invented. Project Life the journalling way.

While on holiday, I will always start a fresh journal. I take a tin with me full of scissors, pencils, glue, stickers, watercolours, sticky tape, etc. As long as it fits inside a tin. And when I'm on my destination, I start scavenging for paper, ephemera and whatever I want to use in my journal! I always buy new pens or pencils when I'm on holiday, so no need to take to much with me. I decorate my journal from local shops. Like the blue one, from Italian wrapping paper which I bought while on holiday over there. 

So I'm sharing some of my favourite pages with you, hopefully you will be inspired to start your own journal!


Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful journal collection with us, Franka! And for all you wonderful readers looking to connect, you can follow Franka on her blog or on Instagram, @dinnisje


  1. Hello and welcome Franka!

    I love the lovely colours of your journals and your approach to travel journaling.

  2. What a gorgeous stack of notebooks! I love the ones with fabric covers. :)

  3. Thank you Michelle for sharing this! xoxo

    1. And thank you, Franka, for giving us a peek into your beautiful journals!! I loved every single one of your pages!

  4. Franka, your journals are beautiful! They deserve to be treated as art pieces. My own journals look nothing like these beauties; usually they are torn up, scratched out, and scribbled all over.


    Another Beautiful Thing

  5. sooo gorgeous - thanks for sharing! makes me want to be more creative :)

  6. I love this. You've captured your days so beautifully.

  7. okay so now I feel like my journal isn't exciting anymore.. have you already done a post how to make your won journal nice and exciting ..? I only write in mine .. but I do have a smash book.. for special memories. and I use my journal for my thoughts and daily happenings.


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