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Good mail days- Holiday Love

Last week was a such a nice week for holiday joy and snail mail. I received this beautiful bundle of Christmas cards and tags from Corey in Singapore.
All of the cards and tags are designed, cut and hand drawn by her. I can't wait to use these!

This happy mail arrived from Fab in Italy. It's been a while since we've last exchanged mail, so it was great hearing from her!

And how cute is the back of this postcard from Shelley in Australia.

All of this wonderful mail has certainly gotten me more in the holiday spirit! Thank you so much, friends!


  1. Everything is so cute ^_^ That reindeer sweater is so scrapbook perfect...gahh...this reminds me I need to finish my scrapbook...;_;

  2. These are lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the little bird wearing a crown on the envelope. <3


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