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{Traveler's Notebooks} Journal Links

Flickr has become a favorite "playground" of mine as of lately. There are so many creative journal setups and traveler's notebook users that hang out there. For me, it was like finding candy under a rock.

Let me introduce you to a few links and accounts that have been keeping me preoccupied. Let's call a 15 minute break, shall we!

-This Midori Traveler's Notebook flickr Group

-Isasketch's flickr gallery

-Thomas Huang's gallery

-Rachel, from Scrappin' Love, did a gorgeous flip-through of her Australia Trip, traveler's notebook style. Her video of it all is a must-watch as well!

-Speaking of videos, I enjoy watching Dan Brown's Youtube channel and seeing flips-throughs of his journals. One of my favorites is his passport size midori.

-5 Steps to enjoy Traveler's Notebook

-Free daily calender and journal inserts courtesy of Ray Blake

-The TN Times, created by Steve Morton, is a great way to come across other traveler's notebook users.

- Oh, and by the way, feel free to hop on over here to see a guest post I did for Andrea this week. She was so kind to want to feature me on her Journal Tour segment.

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