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Using the K&Company Smash Label Maker

This little label maker is such a great and inexpensive way to categorize my DIY filofax tabs. Normally, I think this thing costs around $10, but I was lucky enough to find this in the clearance section at my local Target for under $5. If you have a Michaels Arts & Crafts store nearby, you can find this there, too. (Don't forget to check their website for those special coupon deals.)

The label maker is very easy to use and comes with a fair amount of tape. At first I was little confused on how to make spaces between words but quickly figured it out (by lightly pressing the "scissor" icon). The adhesive on the back could be a lot better, as it hardly stays on, but nothing that glue or masking tape can't fix.

There are better label makers out there, I know, but I just wanted something quick, easy and temporary. I don't plan on using this for anything else other than making planner tabs, so for the price, can't really complain. It does the job.

1 comment

  1. I've always wanted one of these.
    Especially after that episode of the Simpsons back in the day, heh.
    This looks pretty simple and usable. Thanks for the review!


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