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Last week at a glance

Is it June yet? All I can seem to think about is my upcoming summer vacation.

 My poor planner has been somewhat neglected as I've been focusing more on my traveler's notebook. You know, getting it all set and ready for the trip. Less than 4 weeks away until paradise! (But, hey, who's counting?)

Luckily, this month has been a little easier for me to juggle in terms of work. The big bosses have been cracking down on overtime, which meant less sitting around in the office for me. Win!

I must say, too, last week was a good week. My heart was filled with joy as I received an overwhelming amount of snail mail orders! Hugs to all you wonderful friends! That was what kept me busy for the majority of the days, and I happily accepted it with a big smile on my face. 

Also, I was on a roll with these Youtube videos. Not to give away too much of the surprise, but guess who is using a new wallet setup? *This girl right here.* I also plan on sharing more of my regular size midori and possibly a "what's in my travel bag" video. So stick around!

How has your week been?


  1. Not too excited about the scorching weather ahead here in Taiwan but still have time and mood to be excited about you're blog posts & videos. Hooray to a "What's in my travel bag" and hoping to see more your sharings on midori TRAVELER'S notebook:)

  2. Aah, I feel the same way. My planner has been really neglected.
    Whenever I go back to it to consult what I did all week, I realise that a lot of things are blank.
    Can't wait to see what you have in store with your YT videos.

    Hmm, my week has been busy. In a pleasant sort of way.
    Trying to get more involved with my blog, so there's always that, you know!


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