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New Leather Notebooks {made in Korea}

Finally! The big reveal post I've been meaning to share with you for quite some time now is here. Gosh, time really does fly as I hadn't realized that it's now going on 9 months since I had purchased these two notebooks.

If you've been or live in South Korea, you may be familiar with a popular bookstore called Hottracks. This is exactly where I spent three hours just soaking in the sweet surrounding of all things stationery, leather, and paper within my last summer vacation.

So here it is, the first notebook I had picked up. It's made by a Korean brand called Tanzo. This leather notebook is very similar to the midori in size. 
Two things that drew me in about this notebook was the color, as it reminded me of  the Midori's camel color for the 5th year anniversary edition, and the 4 elastic slots for the booklet inserts.

All 4 notebooks fit within this notebook so nicely as there's no overhang, which is great.
These cute little beads were included and can be added to the string bookmarks for a touch of customization.

And for the second leather notebook I had picked up was this one made in Korea as well. The brand is called Hevitz, and this the System Diary ring binder in their B6 size-

The size is pretty identical to a personal size Filofax.

The ring binder even has a leather flap with an attached pen loop.

The backside of the flap.

Although the ring size is smaller than the personal filofax planner, this notebook still holds a good amount of paper.

For more details and an unboxing of the two notebooks, see the video I made here.


  1. so beautiful! but so much more exp than a midori O_O

  2. Time for me to go to Korea! lol... love the first leather cover just because as you said, fits the Travelers Notebook size and for that I wish I could buy one online. And I mostly covet Korean and Japanese stationery and all of their art stuffs.

  3. I love the cover, Can I find Hevitz web site in English?


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