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Unboxing of the Filofax Mini Chameleon Organizer

I'm doing it. I'm taking the plunge and seeing if I can use a mini filofax comfortably as a wallet.

The decision to do this happened about 2 months ago when I came across Luciana's filofax flex setup. (Who, by the way, was my lovely guest on The Journal Diaries here.) Highly intrigued by this, I liked the idea of downsizing my wallet and sticking to just the necessities. No more clutter, no more excessive paper receipts. Just a nice compact, easy to use wallet.

Now this organizer isn't as bright and eye-catching as Lucy's, but I adore this simple black one just as much.

This particular model is now discontinued, but I was able to find the chameleon style through this ebay seller for a fair price.

The leather is a lot more flexible than the patent nude one I own, and I love how this mini organizer has a zipper pouch in the back.

The best part of all is the wide back pocket to fit in all those loose receipts, in which I plan on storing lightly. See more details in the video below:

1 comment

  1. AnonymousMay 30, 2015

    I really like it! It's really cute an compact!
    Jade x


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