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The Journal Diaries- Luciana's Filofax

The Journal Diaries is a blog segment where we get a sneak peek into the journals, notebooks, organizers, and diaries from people all over the world. (Click here for past posts.) My special guest today is Luciana from Italy.

Hello everyone! Thank you Michelle for having me on her blog for me it is an honor and a pleasure! I am Luciana, blogger from Lucy-Wonderland, and I am here today to talk about my passion for the organizers, and in particular the Filofax.
Currently, the planners that I use, my faithful traveling companions, are two: the Filofax Pocket Breast Cancer Campain "Shappo", which is the home schedule, where I scored everything I need to know, and that could be useful, but that I don't need even when I'm away from home;
the Filofax pocket patent Duckegg "Adrift", which is the organizer that I always carry with me in my bag. And it contains everything that can serve immediately, even when I'm away from home.

I chose to have two filofax because in this way I can lighten the weights in the bag, bringing with me only the pages that actually could be used. The two planners have the same size, so that I can easily swap pages between the two diaries, according to the needs. The choice of the size of the diaries is very personal, I opted for the pocket one because it is very small and light, and having a very thin handwriting I don't have any space problems.

Let us see in detail how I set individual filofax.
On the home organizer Shappo we find:
Personal data, the numbers of documents and credit cards, and their deadlines
The address book
The celebrations, anniversaries and birthdays;
The accounting
The pages 1 week on 2 pages
The wishlists
The films to see and books to read;
The ideas for the blog and for the Etsy shop
The free notes.

On the agenda for the bag, Adrift, we can find:
the dashboard, where I can monitor the most important things;
emergency numbers;

the two pages of the current week, every Sunday I reposition them in Shappo and replace them with the new weekly view;

The monthly pages; in this planner I don't have the weekly pages, so I chose the monthly view, so I can still get a rough idea of the things that have happened and will happen in the days following or proceeding the current week. I opted for the layout 1 month on a page because I often have empty boxes and boxes in which the space was insufficient. With this new arrangement of the page, instead I can enter in the box just a little note, and then specify it better the next page.

The squared pages for the bullet journal, in order to establish better day-to-day things to do, and to monitor progress.

Recurring information such as:
the size of the paper
the formula championship
rates of the Italian postal service

Completing the planners:
pages with post it notes,
reinforcements for the holes in the pages;
stickers for decorations;
the flags to highlight something important.

You may wonder why, in this era dominated by technology, I feel the need to have a paper diary. The reasons are manifold. In the first place the writing on the paper something to do helps me to have it imprinted in the mind, and thus increasing the likelihood that it will be done, even if it is not strictly necessary that it occurs exactly on the date that I marked.
Secondly, I like to have a trace of my past, to remember the small and the important moments of my life. For me, the organizer is not only a tool to plan, but also a little diary to keep.

So the decoration of the filofax, although it is not strictly necessary, for me it has become a sort of routine that I can not give up, a small time for myself, to vent my artistic side. In addition, make the planning fun, helps me keep the agenda alive and not to abandon it at the bottom of a drawer. 

Every Sunday so I dedicate myself to the preparation of the weekly pages.
First, I establish a color palette of particular theme, and then choose the washi tape of the colors that best suit.
 I start to decorate the pages, placing the tape so as to highlight a particular day or event, or to separate the weekend. In this specific case I have highlighted through washitape the arrival of the new month, the exam day on 29th, and an important deadline day on 30th.

Then I add the most important things that can be recurrences, the expiration, the unchangeable events, trying to mark them with lettering, stickers or stickynotes. Then I draw for each day a small to do list. So at the beginning of the week the pages will look like this:

Every morning, just got up, first to verify what I planned to do that day, I analyze the previous day, marking what has been done, what has instead been delayed, or something I want to remember the day, creating a sort mini journaling through small phrases, drawings or stickers. At the end of the week so the pages will be:

These are other examples of weekly pages made over the last year:

For the decoration of the agenda, the tools I use most often are:
_washi tape slim
_tiny Japanese and Korean stickers
_Korean cute sticky notes
_tape glue
_hobonichi techo stencils
_pilot ballpoint pen super fine
_pilot hi-tech coleto 3c Rilakkuma special edition
_pilot frixion Rilakkuma special edition
_zebra Mildliner pastel highlighter


Thank you so much, Luciana, for sharing your filofaxes with us! And for all you wonderful readers looking to connect, you can continue to follow Luciana and her planner setups here:
Instagram: @lulumj_wonderland
Etsy shop: lucyWonderland
Facebook: Lucy-Wonderland


  1. I LOVE that you have this post. I'm so in love ah. The pictures are so amazing. Totally fab! Love love love

    1. Hi Marisa! Yes, all the thanks to the lovely Luciana for dedicating her time on this post for us. It's always nice seeing how others design their filofax system to tailor their schedule and daily tasks.

      If you're ever interested in sharing your filofax or planners with us, feel free to send me an email. I'm always open for submissions. ;)

  2. So many lovely things! Wow! x

  3. Your weekly pages are so cute! Love it, I'm gonna start following your blog now!

  4. Wow! How I love your blog. I follow you on IG, but somehow never got to your blog before...LOVE the variety you're showing. from you...from others...Great! - Irma

  5. all of these pictures are heaven for me haha!! I love scrap booking and organising too!


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