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The Daily Benefits of Gratitude Journaling

I'll be honest. I didn't start dedicating a full journal for daily gratitude until the beginning of this year.

The self-help gurus and inspirational speakers I follow have all recommended this simple daily practice of just taking a few minutes out of the day to write down all of the things you are thankful for.

For some reason, it took me a while to jump on this wagon as for years I didn't think it would "do anything," or "make that much of a difference," for me.

Now that I've stuck with it for these past 5 months, I've noticed this shift within myself. I've become even more optimistic, open-minded, understanding and most importantly, happier.

I've also started to:

• Start the morning off with a great sense of appreciation for the day and all of the things that make it beautiful- the sun, the flowers, chirping birds, nature, things that tend to be overlooked.
• See more of the positives in life
• Find opportunities in even the smallest situations
• Focus and strengthen the confidence within myself, internally and externally
• Reduce those feelings of material "needs"
• Smile more - You'd be surprised on how many strangers actually give back that same warm smile in return. It's an amazing and uplifting feeling, let me tell you! (I highly recommend you giving it try, and experience it for yourself!)

More of this journal can be seen in my newest video below:


  1. AnonymousJuly 10, 2015

    You have such a soft angelic voice! I also thought that writing little things like this wouldn't help that much, but you have me sold! I'm going to try it now too :)

    1. Angelic? I like that! Thank you, Airi. :)

      Yes, you should give this a try! The list doesn't have to be long, or to be done everyday, just as long as you take the time every now and then to appreciate the small things in life. It will make a big difference.

  2. I kind of have an on-and-off moments with my gratitude journal. i agree how it makes me see more of the positive things in life and make me appreciate little things. I have not been doing my journal for months and I think I should start writing again after seeing this.

    filicia | Candy After Dinner

    1. Yes, start writing again! For me, I realize that I always feel much better once everything has been captured in my journal. I'm sure this same feeling will apply to you, too!

  3. It's funny how the small, almost repetitive things bring out a great change in us.
    This seems like a really healthy exercise too.
    Thanks for sharing this with us. Maybe it'll inspire us to try it on our own~

    1. It really is amazing how something so small and simple can have such a huge impact in our lives and every day. :)

  4. Nice article.Amazing post.Thank you very much for this important post.


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