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DIY Planner Tabs

It's almost been a year since I've started using my filofax ring binder, and it's also been that same amount of time that I've stuck with the same layout and sections.

This past weekend I decided to switch things up a bit and work on a new setup, including making a few new planner tabs, especially since I have a new binder on the way. (So exited!! Details on that soon to come!)

The K&Company label maker I used for this DIY project isn't the best, but hey, with a little help of tacky glue it worked out.

The only thing I used was a label maker, scissors, tacky glue, and post-it tabs. Easy peasy!
The individual labels are just glued onto individual post-it tabs which are then stuck onto the sides of some cardstock paper. I find these sticky post-it tabs easier to rearrange within the planner, too. So if I want to move the tabs from the sides to the top, it's as easy as peeling one off to one side and moving it over to the other.

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