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Midori Week At A Glance

It's been three full months, and I'm still using the Midori Traveler's Notebook as a daily planner. I'm using three notebook inserts with a zipper pouch. Any more paper, and this thing would burst. If you're curious to know how I managed to set up the three notebooks, see how I setup my midori in this video here. (An updated video is soon to come.)

These little DIY tabs add just the right amount of "cuteness" to the notebook. Since I'm not much of a planner decorator with all the washi & sticker page designs, these add a nice personal touch and "rustic" look that I like.

Quick lunch and planning recaps from last week. These days have just been so crazy and full of life-changing events. So much stuff to keep up with (and to be thankful for).

And the "beauty marks" on this leather cover that I just love rubbing my hands across.


  1. Cool planner. I wish I remember to write in my journal every day. I used to use a planner in high school, but in college I kind of dropped the habit. It was helpful though, so I should think into getting one again.

    1. OMG, Hi Farrah!! Long time no "see." I hope you've been well! Yes, when I was in college, I dropped the journaling habit. After a few years, it started pulling at me again. Maybe give it another try, even if it's just a sentence here or there. It's always nice to look back on past thoughts and events. :)

  2. By reading this,i remember my past, were i wrote too many things in my secret diaries.I wrote so many life changing events and lot of memories .Somehow it is dropped somewhere with some situations.I need to recall all those things.Your blog is helped me a lot to reach my past. Thank you..
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    1. Thank you. I'm glad to hear that! Keep on writing!


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