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Good Mail Days- Incoming from The Netherlands

Such a beautiful (and totally unexpected) happy mail parcel from my dear Franka in The Netherlands.

Ever received something so nicely wrapped that you didn't even want to open it in fear of "messing it up?"

...But then you open it up anyway and find more bits of surprises...

Couldn't have said it any better. Tea. A hug in a cup. Love this!

These handmade Lucky Boats came in just in time. Right now, I could use all the luck I can get. ;)

And this adorable little fossil! Oh my gosh, how cute. This little fella already found its special spot amongst my other special treasures.

Thank you so much, Franka, for all the wonderful snail mail goods! I truly enjoyed unwrapping and going through it all!

1 comment

  1. awww this is so cute! can feel the love and sincerity even through your photos

    peace and love,


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