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New Zine Coming Soon!

Finally! My new (and second edition) zine is now complete! Yes! (*throwing hands in the air*)

Now, before I reveal all the details and description of the new zine, Note To Self, I wanted to offer a fun giveaway to you guys first, my wonderful and treasured readers. I'll be giving away three copies of these to three lucky readers. All you have to do to enter is just leave a comment below expressing interest in receiving the new zine, and provide a brief (or detailed, if you like) reason why you enjoy reading the blog Seaweed Kisses. If you have any feedback and/or suggestions for future content, those are always welcome as well!

Winners will be randomly chosen and announced Monday morning, April 18th! And yes, this giveaway is open internationally.

Good Luck!

*If you're following Seaweed Kisses on Instagram as well, keep an eye out for the zine giveaway there soon...

P.S. Don't know what a zine is exactly? Or maybe interested in seeing the art behind creating one? Check out these two videos that I enjoy re-watching here and here. They inspire and spark my motivation every time!


  1. Hi Michelle,

    I enjoy reading your blog as I'm obsessed with journals, diaries, etc. And pretty notebooks of course! Only, I never know what to write in them myself. So I drool over other people's journals, amazed by the art work and the way they think and wishing my diaries looked like that.

    Also, I love old fashioned post. I can't remember the last time I received an actual letter. People don't do that anymore. So I've started my own little revolution this year and started writing letters again. I love it!

    I would love winning your latest zine. Thanks so much for the chance.


  2. I would love to receive your zine. Your style, your blog, your journals, your everything --they are what I aspire to for my style, my blog, my journals, my everything. They are unique and homemade and inspiring. I fall in every time I look at your work! Thanks!

  3. I would be honored to win. I adore your blog. I would like to win because your journal and writings inspire me to new heights to express myself. I find your art so uplifting that you make my own journaling life more creative and beautiful. You are a sense of true authenticity and attention to detail that is a force of creative energy for me. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from you.I would so treasure this journal as part of my own creative expression. Thank you for the opportunity. Blessings.

  4. First of all I love the name of your blog, the wonderful photography and insights on all things journaling and writing. The site is elegant and informative. Thanks and keep up the great inspiration!

  5. I am very interested in reading your new zine! I've been subscribed to your blog for a few years now, and I am always inspired by your content. I love that you showcase other artists and offer us a peek into your own journals. I come here when I want to be inspired by art and travel.

  6. I would love to read your zine. And I enjoy reading the blog because of your great photos and the paper inspiration I get from seeing all different things you do. I also love love love getting a glimpse into other people's journals, art, process and experiences. I think that's my favorite part.

  7. I enjoy your blog immensely and would love to read your new zine! I envy your organizational skills and love your writing style. Your photos are inspirational and stunning. Thanks for the chance.

  8. OMG this is so exciting Michelle!
    Id love to receive your new zine!
    I always love reading your blog. I love seeing your journals and planners. It honestly gives me the inspiration and motivation I need to get on with mines. I love the brown colors , ugh Its so explainable!

    Jade xox

  9. I am a professional designer but dont often have the opportunity to think about better ways,to keep my BJ or do diiferent crafts etc. I find your style very compelling and your explanations,susinct so that i can just take the essentials of what I need easily and quickly. Your ideas are fresh as well and help ro soark my own thinking. Thank you

  10. Hello! How nice of you to make this contest.
    I'm only a few weeks into following your blog and I love it. I find it very inspiring and fun. A couple of weeks ago I bought the Mead Travel Journal after watching your video.
    I am I long time fan of zines and would love to read yours!
    Thanks so much, Megan

  11. Hi there! Like everyone has said above, I'm in love with your blog and the things you center around it. I've been visiting this crafty corner of the internet for a while now. I may only be a teenager, but I've discovered my love for journaling, crafting, and especially writing, and you have helped me along my way to get there. You've inspired me so much to look for positivity, reexamine my affection for stationary and keep up with my planners!
    I really enjoy your style and everything you've put into this blog. I also love "the Journal Diaries"- it's great to see you introduce others who share the love of putting pen to paper! Between visiting your blog and Instagram, there's always something wonderful for me to find.
    I've love to receive your zine! It would be so amazing to have it in my hands and hold a creation someone made who is states and states away. I hope you consider me, and thanks so much!

  12. Hello! I have been a loyal follower for quite, Sometime! I so enjoy your blog, I would more than interested in receiving your new zine. Please consider me Xx Kristine

  13. This looks great - I haven't seen a zine in a while - it seems they were the rage for a while and then they seemed to disappear.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  14. I enjoy reading ur blog and would love to get your zine. Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. This is fantastic, thank you for the giveaway!

    I love your blog, I found it by googling hobonichi blogs, and I also use a Traveler's notebook, so I love those posts especially the diary stories!

    Erica Y

  16. So excited that you are publishing a new zine! I'd love to win a copy.

    I really enjoy your blog because I love journaling and I love making my journal not only authentic, but also beautiful and I have found so much inspiration on your blog. Thank you.

  17. I would like to win a copy of your new zine!

    Although I don't usually comment, I read your blog often. I get inspired by your posts about journaling and snail mail.

  18. I would love to be considered for a Zine. If it's anything like your TNs, it'll be lovely.


  19. nancime@hotmail.comApril 16, 2016

    Love your blog and would love your zine! Especially love travel journal

  20. Hi Michelle!

    I actually have a major love for your blog! I love stationery but can not really find the community here in my home country, so I enjoy seeing it from the other side of the world. I love Journal Diaries especially! Because I get to see inside other people's journals and they are soooo talented!

    If I have any feedback, maybe I would love to see more of your face (I hope it does not sound strange) but I do really love to see the people behind the blog.

    Anyhow. congratulations on your new zine! It would be very lovely if I can win one hihi. Stay amazing Michelle!

    filicia | Candy After Dinner


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