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(Midori) Traveler's Notebook Snippets (pt 10)

If you're a subscriber to the Seaweed Kisses YouTube channel, you may remember seeing my updated passport Traveler's Notebook setup here.

The setup hasn't changed too muvch. The DIY inserts pictured above have just been rotated out.

This "Notes To Self" insert is still my favorite out of the many I've made. The header was made using this label maker from K&Company. Not the best, but I got it for 60% at Michaels a few years back. There are better ones out there, I'm sure.

These pretty blue insert tabs are by Midori as well. You can find them within the 2017 PAN AM Sticker Set. There's a 2018 version out as well, and the tabs are green and orange. I'll try to share pictures of those once in use.

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