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How I Make My Own Traveler's Notebook Inserts

Believe it or not, I actually enjoy making my own passport size Traveler's Notebook inserts. Not only is it easier on the wallet, but it also allows me to be creative with the paper option and design.

Recently I had made two new inserts- one for notes and another for my new zine project. The "Notes" insert was made the exact same way I had done last year here. I pretty much ripped pages out from this Miquel Riuz notebook, traced a Midori kraft folder to get the same size and measurements, cut out the pattern, folded the pieces of paper in half with a bone folder, and then stapled the pages together using a long reach stapler. Easy as that!

Oh, and the kraft paper insert, "Mini Zine," was made using this Casemate notebook from Walmart.

The fun part is decorating the cover, which I did with some stickers, stamps and label maker.

I get asked frequently which label maker I use, and this is it- the K&Company Smash Label Maker. It's nothing fancy as you can see, but it gets the job done!

I'm also using a Field Notes Lunacy insert as a mini calendar tracker. Here's a video on all of the inserts I'm using for this passport size Traveler's Notebook setup.

And here's an overview of the inserts laid out-
Wishing you a wonderful week and happy plannings! I'm now off to craft away on a new "Travel" insert. Thank goodness for this 3-day weekend!


  1. I always love reading about your journaling—and watching your videos too!
    You're always a good source of inspiration.
    Love how lively and unique your journals always look.
    I'll have to give this a try one day.

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  3. I have never tried DIY my own notebook. Thank you for sharing, gonna try it.
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