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Off to the alley markets

My first full day in Korea and I'm already shopping to death. I grabbed pretty much anything that twinkled in the corner of my eye. There were so many cute things that I started finding excuses to buy stuff..... "Yeah, I think my friends need socks. Maybe they could use a cute sparkly hair clip to go with it. How about a matching soju key chain with those car keys?" :)

I like shopping in the alley markets. They always have the most random things that you would never think of yet, somehow you find a way to need it. *or maybe that's just me*

Man, Korea has the best taxis I've ever seen. Of course they're all Kia's or Hyundai's, and so nice. All include leather seats, matching leather roof interior, chrome outlining on the exterior, high tech GPS system, and the skilled crazy swerving taxi man driver to go with it all under $5. Not to mention the drivers are actually normal looking men.....not the bum, perverted, creepy ones I always wind up getting back home. Not only is the ride nice, but the fare is super cheap!! I think the most we paid was $15, and that was for a 40 minute drive outside the town.

Ahh, I can still smell the open market. Oh, one thing I will always stick by- use the bathroom before you go out and about. I drank too much coffee and winded up prancing around for a toilet. Yeah, I found a bathroom all right---------- But I haven't had to squat since I was like.....4?? I just held my bladder until we got to a restaurant....Didn't want to chance pee running down my thigh.

 Plus, I really need to step up my shoe closet. All the women here wear heels.....even in the rain and wind! Talk about dedication to beauty and fashion..... *sigh*


  1. lots of cute stuff! i'll blow my bank if i were there. i have no self control for cute non-useful things

  2. God, your photos make me so homesick. lol Korean taxis are expensive for Koreans hahaha, but cheaper than the US haha In Malaysia taxis are even cheaper lol... You'll be surprised.(Well, you don't get the nice interior and nice drivers)

  3. Ye gods-- I have a burning NEED to visit Korea now. Haha. Not just a vague desire.

    And you are not alone-- I often find a way to need something. xD

    I've heard about the crazy taxi drivers in Korea. Haha. It's super awesome that the fare is so incredibly cheap.

  4. I want that soju keychain! Lol.

    And seriously... this looks exactly like in those korean dramas.... you are so darn lucky.... I want to be there, feel everything on your blog. One day... one of these days. Lol.



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