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Midori Traveler's Notebook Passport Size- Daily Planner Setup

Almost 2 months in and I'm still enjoying this simple planner setup I've switched into. Surprisingly enough, this passport size notebook fits all of the main and important things I turn to for daily planning and task recording.

Within the notebook, there are three inserts that I primarily use- a calendar insert, a bullet task insert and an insert for notes.

Even though the paper size is half of what I was using with the regular size traveler's notebook, I find that the passport size calendar is still comfortable to use and write in.

A few other things I'm currently loving about my passport planner-

- it's light (especially when compared to my other full size planners)
- compact
- easy to carry around
- quick to use and flip through
- sturdy
- customizable
- fits easily within my handbag

Although I do wish the notebook would lay completely flat, it's still not that much of an inconvenience where it affects my writing. I'm sure as I continue to use it more and more, it'll wear in nicely.

When I first started setting up the passport size traveler's notebook, I used the brown color, but I've now switched into my beloved camel color Star Edition

Click the video below to see more of how I've setup my passport size traveler's notebook as my current daily planner-


  1. Love the set up! Makes me want to move back into my passport!

  2. Loving your setup and blogpost as always!
    Thanks for sharing both on blog and youtube:)

  3. Your setup is so nice! I don't know if my writing would still be ok with a tinier size, I always need bigger notebooks which becomes an inconvenience when carrying them around. I like how you have yours set up!

    Rosegold Fox

  4. I've pretty much followed your set up for the passport size...I haven't quite got it working for me yet but only had it a few weeks. I need a third notebook in to make it work f or me I think, but atm just have two as it looks so nice. Love your helpful videos.

  5. Really enjoyed reading this blog post. Question, do you use a weekly spread?

  6. I agree. The passport size is great!


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