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Instant Jjajang tucked away for a day like this

I didn't have much of an appetite or the energy to cook much of a dinner. This instant Korean jajang sauce came to the rescue.  I reached for some leftover rice, heated everything up, and enjoyed.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. *Forgive me for deleting the comment, my name wasn't showing up and I thought that it wasn't published yet but I see that it did some how =.=*
    That looks sooo good! Is it the sweet kind of spicy or salty kind of spicy? I really wish I could try Jjanjang for my own but the closest Korean restaurant is like 2 hours away ;^;

  3. It was a little more on the sweet side. I do prefer my food spicy, however, so I added some red pepper flakes. ;)


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