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Spring color shirt

This shirt has been totally over-used during the summer. It was a perfect staple for just about every last minute occasion I could think of.
- baby shower
- dinner
- outing with friends
- work (when all my other work shirts were sitting on the bottom of the hamper)

Now it's time to put it to rest, and on to finding a new styling staple for the winter.


  1. great colors :)) love this shirt!

    you can buy pullip dolls on 'ebay' or 'pullipstyle' :)) and also in local shops.


  2. There's nothing like a good wardrobe staple, haha. I've been building up my staples and it feels good to have clothes you don't mind re-wearing!

  3. So I REALLY love the shirt, and for some reason, I really love the photograph too, maybe because of the lighting. It feels very....
    I dont know...
    Anyways, I like it beaucoup


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